What Are Some Funny Costumes You Can Wear To Your Next Party?

Are you looking to add a little fun and laughter to your next party? If so, why not show up dressed in something truly unique, funny and memorable? There are endless costume options that can make any party go from dull to absolutely wild! From dressing up like a viral meme to showing up as the life-size version of everyone’s favourite food cravings – no matter what type of event you’re attending, there is sure to be a costume out there that will leave your friends in awe. In this post, we’ll explore some of the funniest costumes gold coast available for whatever type of shindig you have coming up. So keep reading if you’re ready to get ready with some humorous ideas that will be sure to make everyone laugh!

Funny Costume Ideas

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler

A giant inflatable sumo wrestler costume, complete with an inflatable belly and diaper, is sure to get some laughs and attention at any party.

Dressing up as a tourist, complete with a Hawaiian shirt, fanny pack, and camera around your neck, can be a great option for a laid-back and funny costume.


Go as a classic prankster, wearing a clown nose, oversized shoes, and perhaps even carrying a squirting flower or whoopee cushion.

Meme Or Viral Video

Dressing up as a popular meme or viral video can be a humorous choice, such as the “Damn Daniel” white Vans outfit or the “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife” Antoine Dodson costume.

A Pun

Go as a pun, such as a “Ceiling Fan” with a sign that reads “Go Ceilings!” or a “Cereal Killer” with boxes of cereal and plastic knives stuck to your shirt.

An Animal

Dress up in a full-body costume of an animal, such as a giant chicken or shark, and play up the comedic elements by adding silly accessories or actions.

Comedy Character

Go as a character from a beloved comedy show or movie, such as Michael Scott from The Office or Ace Ventura from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Dress up as a famous celebrity but with a twist, such as “Zombie Elvis” or “Old Lady Gaga”

Bacon and Egg Costume

Dress up as a bacon strip and an egg for a funny breakfast duo costume idea.

Crazy Cat Lady

Carry around stuffed cats and wear robes and slippers to become the ultimate crazy cat lady.

Emoji Costumes

Dress up as your favourite emoji by creating a cardboard cutout and painting it to look like the emoji.

Food Costumes

Dress up as your favourite food, like a pizza slice or a taco.

Play on Words Costumes

Dress up as a “bat out of hell” with a bat costume and devil’s horns or as a “formal apology” by wearing a tuxedo and carrying around a sign that says “I’m sorry.”


If you’re looking for the perfect costume to wear to your next party, then why not opt for a funny one? There are so many great costumes out there that range from cute and classic animal onesies to full-on themed getups. Not only will you be sure to have plenty of laughs, but you’ll also make sure to stand out from the crowd no matter what! Whatever kind of costume you choose to go with, just make sure it fits your style and is comfortable enough for hours of wearing. With these tips in hand, now all that’s left is to have fun and dress up in a costume that suits your taste! For all your costume needs, head to bigpartyoz.com!

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